Comandante Băsevara…

Posted on 28/11/2013


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Referendum scheduled for July 29, 2012 in Romania aims to reconfirm all Romanians discontent Traian Basescu citizen in relation with President Traian Băsesu. In fact, it’s how a people dismiss their “benefactor” without a warrant. It all started with a relationship in which a sailor considered that Romania can be assimilated to a ship in a permanent “economic storm”. It is not difficult to understand where it came to the concern personally. First, there were characters like Emil Boc, Elena Udrea, Adriean Videanu wich called “power” in the name of “leader” of elections. With support from “Cotroceni Palace”, “political ephemeris” understand that can rob safely beyond the vigilant eyes of the Commission, what was left of Romania and its economy. A good time this strategy has succeeded in reducing the salaries of officials and civil and military pensions. Reform to be implemented immediately by reducing costs and maximizing the opportunities have passed through “train a corrupt president.” Very anchored by party interests and sponsors who provided re-election, only concerned with its own agenda and political legacy, the person fraudulently takes place in the question: “Do you agree with the suspension?” … The answer is Yes! Who disagrees can take Basescu in his own home! …