Concurs de soluţii pentru a scăpa, constituţional, de cetăţeanul Băsescu Traian…

Posted on 25/02/2012


Vă invităm să vă exprimaţi soluţiile politice, practice, legale şi umane pentru a scăpa de acest personaj vremelnic…Menţionez faptul că acţiunile care exced legea penală română şi bunul simţ vor fi moderate, deopotrivă…

For a time, by direct or indirect sources, Traian Basescu citizen wants to fool me again. Specifically, citizen remembered, came to the office of President of Romania wants to manipulate me dislike political presence in public life through blackmail the three lions. How my little country has allowed so many, believes it can negotiate and reduce the current mandate (given by some of the population and strengthened the electoral fraud: see also model a vote a few minutes, few patented Baconschi the Romanian Embassy in Paris ) by revising the Constitution. As if he wished to everyone, as if still in a position also negotiate as if going to get away for all he did against their peers. Dear Romanian, Traian Basescu citizen lives his last moments as a person these days public and visible to us all, like a scene out of no repercussions on his epigones of the clique and all created by a former Securitate căcărezul thinking … For all this deserves only the shells of seeds spat stadium gallery. Finally, Basescu wants to make my money program. Problem of political şolticăriile is that I finished with him yesterday. You should realize that a person thinks about walking at ground level and do not forget …(Google Translate, via a text from Dispecer)